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  • Why doesn’t it bother me?

  • Some restaurants may feel concerned working with another restaurant group.  It’s a natural feeling to have, but it’s a concern that is unnecessary. 

    We’re here to be the proven resources you need to succeed or continue your success into the new age of online consumers and online shopping.  We’re here to be the one-stop shop to assist you.  Do you want experts on your team or college interns? 

    It has never concerned me because I know even if someone has my exact strategy, it doesn’t mean they can implement it as well as I will.  The execution is the key.  That is one area that separates RBS from the rest.  We’re not just superior strategists, we go out and execute the plan while constantly analyzing the data for improvements. 

    On top of it, my specific strategy is built for my specific business model.  Your strategy will be built for you specific business model therefore a different strategy. My brand is different than your brand. This isn’t a cookie cutter solution that everyone uses, this is a knowledge-driven online strategy that allows us to create the right formula for your restaurant and your local demographics. 

    Your formula will be similar to others, but still be different just like what you serve is different than the competition. There is room for many restaurants to succeed. Nobody has your recipes, your décor, your atmosphere, your fantastic staff, your location, your commitment, etc… Simplistically speaking, we’re just helping you create a strategic system that lets everyone know how amazing you are so you are always in the drivers seat.

    This proven system is still designed around you and your unique restaurant, completely customizable. We will help you uncover areas of what makes you unique.  This will be designed into your specific branding strategy.

    It’s time to make a decision.  Get a Free Consultation here.