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  • Brand Strategy & Management

  • Most restaurant owners become great at running a restaurant.  They struggle at marketing and building a brand.  Today, it's more important to build a real brand in order to survive and thrive.  You must get a message out to the customer, as cost effectively as possible.  Traditional marketing serves a role, but it is no longer the predominant style if you want to truly compete. 

    Owners have made decisions to hire all sorts of marketing companies or worse, college interns that "know computers."  I'm not going to highlight why hiring a college intern to run your restaurant brand online is a terrible idea, I'm going to assume you already know this by now. 

    What you may not realize is there is a difference between a marketing "content creator" and an "online strategist."   An online strategist can help you create content, but a content creator can't help you strategize.  If you are not qualified to be the online strategist for your business, then you must not hire a marketing company that is really just a content creator in disguise (almost all marketing companies are just content creators in disguise).  What you are paying RBS is to be that online strategist that helps you navigate the treacherous waters of online marketing.  Everyone else is just telling you they will create a great Facebook post or video.  They might show you some really cool posts they have done, some great videos.  If that's all it took, many people would be millionaires by now.  They are simply preying on your ignorance, many times because they really are not experts themselves so they don't even know any better. 

    At RBS, we try to teach you to become your own online strategist.  Times change fast though, so in 5 years our strategies will changes with them.  We are your best friend.  We are the person you call when you need advice.  That is the biggest value we provide.  In terms of branding strategies, we have developed systems that should be easy for you to digest and understand. 

    We have simplified everything into a 3-step strategy (however, each step is very detailed)

    We are not marketers like the rest, we are actual brand builders.  We learn about you and build your brand how you want it to be seen. 

    1) Improve or Fix your Calling Card

    2) Bring People into your Network

    3) Focus on Influencing those in your Network


    This is a simplified format.  It's not to say this is easy (it's quite the opposite and must be designed for long-term success).  This simple structure is to give you something to understand what we are going to do even if you have very little online/marketing/brand expertise. 

    You need to understand what we do.  Unlike others, we want you to understand what we are doing because this is a long-term relationship we want to develop with you.  Everyone can do these strategies, but few can execute them properly by customizing it to you and your business!  On top of it, few will learn to adapt to changes of the future.  We learn and adapt. 

    Nothing will stay the same, neither will we.  We are the best friend that gives great advice.